How to choose the right size for a Ceiling Fan?


In 2022, almost every home in Singapore uses a ceiling fan. It is understandable why because they are generally more energy-saving and are able to cool the entire room better. Almost every new HDB in Singapore is fitted with a ceiling fan. However, not all of them have installed it correctly, and most of them have not been able to perfectly optimise the fan size in order to produce the ideal amount of cool air in the room. So in this article, we will look at how to choose the right size for a ceiling fan.

Why does choosing the size of the ceiling fan matter?

Nowadays, people who are looking to buy a ceiling fan generally purchase it from an online stall without much thought. And that’s where the problem lies. In order for the ceiling fan to reach its full optimization, the diameter of the ceiling fan has to be exactly half of the entire room span. That way, the air can be properly circulated providing the best wind optimization in the room.


Apart from that, ceiling fans generally are paired with lighting. So if you do not pick the right size ceiling fan, the light distribution in the room may not be optimal hence affecting the quality of the lighting in the room being delivered.


What you can do Right Now

If you wouldn’t want to make a bad purchasing decision, here’s what you need to consider in order to buy the right ceiling fan. 


The first step you need to consider is the area of the room. From there, calculate the right diameter needed for the ceiling fan. The distance from the end of the blade to the wall should at least be 45cm allowance. If the area you intend to install a fan is near a cabinet, you should take into consideration the space required for the doors to open, how much allowance should you leave? 45cm! 


Next, consider the distance between the ceiling fan and the ground. This is a crucial step to inform the contractor of how the ceiling fan’s blade should be angled.


Lastly, check the daytime and nighttime lighting required in the room. If you are working late most of the time, it is generally recommended for users to have cooler light in order to not affect the eyes that much.


If you have more questions

Picking the right ceiling fan can be confusing or stressful for you. No worries, be sure to reach out to us SPIN either through our Instagram or website. If you have to have a look at our ceiling fans, you can also drop by 1 Tampines North Drive 1 #04-15 T-Space S528559 to find out more about our products. See you there!


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