What can you do right now before purchasing a ceiling fan?


A ceiling fan is a large piece of addition to your home. So you need to consider whether it will be a good addition to your room. In this article, we will be looking at what you can do right now to make sure that having a ceiling fan will provide additional benefits and what you need to do before buying one.

Step 1: How my Room is Like

To ensure that a ceiling fan would be a great addition to your home, do make sure whether the room has enough air circulation and whether it has enough natural light entering into the room (this ensures that lighting you may need may not need to be that bright). A good tip for picking a proper lighting to pair with your ceiling fan is lighting that goes well with your environment. If you aren’t sure what lighting you may need, typically people would get the natural lighting as it is the most versatile.

Step 2: Ensure you Pick the Right Ceiling Fan

Now that you made sure that you would like to purchase a ceiling fan, the next step is picking the right ceiling fan. There are a ton of different types of ceiling fans you can choose from online. However, the reason people purchase our SPIN fans is because the signature fans are not only the best-sellers, but also it’s easy to mix and match with the theme of the homeowners room.

Apart from choosing the right theme to match to your style, you will need to know what size ceiling fan to get. The correct way of picking a ceiling fan size is by measuring the diameter of it. The ceiling fan should be equal or slightly less than the area of the room.

If you still have any last minute enquiries about the product(every product is different so it is better to call and check if you are unsure), do drop a call or visit the physical stall to know more about the product.

Step 3: Installation

Installation is the final part of the process. To ensure that the installation is done properly, ensure that the ceiling fan is sturdy especially when turned on for quite some time at high speed. 

Some Final Tips

Final tip, ensure that there is a warranty for your purchase and keep it with you at all times. Most ceiling fans such as SPIN have a 1 year warranty on their ceiling fans, this is a great stress reliever to have because if there is any issue with the ceiling fan, the repairs are guaranteed. Apart from that, keeping the warranty allows you the homeowner to maintain contact with us should there be a need to.

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