Why Ceiling Fan Is the Best Energy Saving Technology You Need in Your Home


In Singapore's hot and humid environment, fans are a must-have item in every home. A fan cools you down by moving air around, allowing air to evaporate sweat from your skin, which is how body heat is removed. Better than just cooling, fans increase air circulation, resulting in a more ventilated environment. Among the various methods of space cooling, the most common is still a fan or an air conditioner.

Fans are often less expensive to buy and install than air conditioning, and it takes more energy to shift heat around than it does to blow air against your skin. As a result, parking in front of a fan saves a large amount of energy. Fans consume around 1% of the electricity used by air conditioners. You could operate a fan continuously for 24 hours and use less energy than 15 minutes of air conditioning. As a result, fans are the most cost-effective cooling alternative with the most negligible environmental impact because they utilize less energy.

In this article, we will look at the types of fans for you to choose from and why ceiling fans are far supreme home devices all homes must have in the 21st century.

Types of Fans in the Market

In totality, there are 8 different kinds of fans in the market. The 3 common ones out there are wall mounts fans, box fans, and ceiling fans. They are mainly used because they are able to provide direct wind to cool users or the area in the room temperature down fast. Each of these fans has its own pros and cons with its purpose of providing cool air to its user. However, only ceiling fans reign supreme over the other products, here’s why.

Why Ceiling Fans are the Best Choice

Ceiling fans have become the most popular choice for many homeowners due to their ability to provide cool air throughout a large area. Apart from that, ceiling fans act as a great location to install lighting as well. So most ceiling fans have dual functions that act as a 

Lastly, ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes which can mix and match depending on the theme of your home. This is the main reason why many homeowners decide to buy a ceiling fan as they strongly believe that a ceiling fan makes a good representation of the environment the homeowner would like it to be.

Where can I get a Ceiling Fan?

Be sure to check out SPIN fans where we are able to provide you with a cost-saving ceiling fan for you to have to add to your home. If you would like to see some of our ceiling fans in action, be sure to check out our Instagram where we showcase our ceiling fans in action in all our client's homes.lighting and fan system. They can be remotely controlled to increase light brightness or speed of the fan's rotations. This helps users save the need to turn on 2 separate switches in order to turn on both the fan and the lighting.

Secondly, it is able to save more energy as compared to regular fans. A ceiling fan uses a DC motor which doesn’t require as much electricity as compared to an AC motor which typically uses more electricity by close to 70%.

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