Why SPIN’s Signature Fans Are a Hot Sell

With over 10 different ceiling fan designs, SPIN signature fans have been the hot seller in the market. Why is that? In this article, we will share in detail why we believe our clients love the product so much.


Many straightforward themes to choose from

Unlike many other companies that provide a way array of ceiling fan designs. Not many of them are as straightforward and have a good universal theme for homeowners to choose from. SPIN chooses the top favourite ceiling fan design only that is able to blend well in a theme provided which allows SPIN to sell more of its signature products. So if you are looking for the top-selling ceiling fans at SPIN, be sure to check out our signature models by clicking on the link above.


Easier to Manage

Unlike other types of fans such as wall fans or box fans, ceiling fans are a lot easier to manage. They are easy to clean, able to control remotely and have a dual feature (lighting and fan system). Unlike traditional fans, ceiling fans do not require a cage to cover their blade since the fan do not require to spin at as high a speed as compared to traditional fans.


Better Space Optimisation

Ceiling fans are installed with the intent to be away from people’s reach and help space optimisation. As many homeowners do not typically use their ceiling for much of any purpose, it makes perfect sense to have a ceiling fan installed. Depending on the size of the fan you would like, homeowners typically choose a ceiling fan that is able to maximise the space on the ceiling to make the home more 


How can I pick the Signature model that’s right for me?

So the final decision is here, which signature model should I choose? Well, if you aren’t sure which theme you would like to set out, you can drop by our showroom where we discuss potentially what you may like to have in your house that suit you and what ceiling fan will go well with that. So, drop by 1 Tampines North Drive 1 #04-15 T-Space S528559. See you there!

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